How many Decoys do i need to be effective?

In my experiences hunting from The Texas/Louisiana border to Arkansas and  the Virginia/North Carolina border people say you cant have to many decoys. i completely disagree. People are like ducks unless your hunting flooded rice fields in Arkansas Ducks don’t like to congregate in overcrowded areas. I have had limits of ducks from every Decoy Spread from 6 teal decoys and a Mojo Teal. to 3 dozen assorted decoys with 4 Mojo mallards mixed in. Everything is dependent on the situation every hunt is in. If i’m hunting Coastal Marsh i will probably run a dozen decoys with a Mojo Decoy and a Quiver Butt decoy. If you need to go down to bare minimum if you find a good spot in the marsh 6 teal decoys with a Mojo will still bring ducks to your spread. If your hunting a River for divers and big bodied ducks your going to need quite a few more. So for beginners i just suggest to buy a dozen cheap decoys but investing in a motion decoy of some sort is a MUST. A Decoy spread without motion is like a group of people standing still in a mall. No person is going to want to go near them because it doesn’t look natural. Whether your motion decoy is a simple jerk rig, a Quiver Butt decoy or Mojo’s. you need to have at least one in your spread. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more tips!.


Duck Hunting on a budget.

If your strapped for cash but love to duck hunt there are still ways to have successful hunts depending on where your live in the country. Public Land Hunts offer good opportunities to kill birds depending what area of the country you are in  Whether you have six decoys or six dozen you can always kill ducks but it all comes down to one thing. Being where to ducks want to be. So SCOUT SCOUT and SCOUT! .Scouting gives you a  chance to really analyze the area for hazards/points of interest in broad daylight without hunting the area.Be on the lookout for objects that will be hard/impossible to see during the dark boat ride to the hunting hole. . A successful hunt absolutely depends on knowing how the birds have been flying and where to daily transitions occur. Ducks can be hunted at all times throughout the day if you are int he right spot. but the most activity is around sunrise and sunset.  In conclusion my  advice to new duck hunters is to scout religiously before you hunt. Showing up to a hunting area with no knowledge of how to hunt it is just setting yourself up for failure.

Why i am starting a Site/blog

I am starting this blog to share ways to have successful fishing and hunting trips without putting a huge dent in your bank account. Not everyone can afford a Center Console boat, Name brand Semi-auto shotgun, or 6 dozen duck decoys. My blog will follow my adventures on a budget and explain how you can follow suit. Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy my working progress,